About Us


aboutEight8 Limited is committed to bring happiness and quality of life to people, as well as to enhance inter-personal relationship and shorten the distance between people around the world through promoting technology development and integrating it into daily lives.

Company Introduction

We provide full-scale professional multi-media services and AV production. Our areas of expertise include WEB and WAP design and development, program architecture, graphics design, multi-media and video production, animation, professional photography, laser disc production, services on translation and publishing, web page hosting and storage maintenance, etc. Our team of technical and service personnel are well-experienced and highly trained with extensive technical background.


Eight8 Limited will always keep abreast of the development of the ever-changing world. We will expand our horizon by keeping up with the trends and looking for rooms for continuous improvement. We aim at providing quality and effective services that will enable our customers to strengthen their positions and increase their competitiveness in the market.