Commercial Video Production

editingFor nowadays' advertising and promotion campaigns, the use of commercial video or motion pictures is a common and effective media. With the visual and audio stimulants from videos, the consumer public will directly receive the relevant messages within relatively short period of time and as such will respond positively to the market.

Eight8 Limited has already adopted the complete digital technology on video production for more than a decade and continuously invested in upgrading its production equipment and professional software in its growth with the market and in servicing the clients.

The scope of our video production includes the theme/story outlines and organization, selection and appointment of artists, multi-language voice-over, filming of settings, motion video shooting, lighting arrangement, staging, non-linear video editing, computer animation, special effects, cartoons, virtual 3-D, VCD, DVD, CD-ROM/XA, auto-run CD-ROM, all sorts of video tapes, etc.