Design of Multi-function Web Page

webAlmost all business firms and corporations around the world have their own homepage or website set up on the internet, which became an indispensable means for corporate image and identity and for business development. A generic company website will be visited frequently by the general public and potential customers who wish to look for or understand more about relevant goods or services and the background of the company. The design for a web page has become common, but for a specific enterprise or company it will be a professional concern and something which is demanding.

A corporate web page could outstand itself with interactive functions and features instead of being a showpiece or backdrop. The interactive functions could only be developed by specific technology and support of IT platform.

Eight8 Limited possesses its complete and expert technology and development of know-how over the years. We can design and put up multi-function web page for various applications according to different requirements from clients. In particular, we could tailor-make various interactive functions and facilitate our clients to add or change any existing contents or information on their web page in order to suit or enhance their business promotions.