Photography & Video-filming for Wedding Ceremonies

weddingPhoto and video taking at wedding occasions, both studio and live, is one renowned and popular service which Eight8 Limited excelled since 1990 and throughout the years.

Our customers in this area have been overseas Chinese and expatriates in Hong Kong and China. We have developed good reputation and professional image in our works and production by making use of English and Chinese screen narration, music dubbing and background, special effects, digital technology and multi-system equipment and accessories. We are also making continuous improvement over time in rendering better jobs in this line of business and endeavoring to expand it to other sorts of occasion or event.

As of the present moment in time, we have continuously received requests from individual customers who require video-filming and photo-taking for their wedding or anniversary events.

Our mission in this is to preserve for people the memories of joy and happiness and the commemoration of events with the state-of-the-art technology.